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Rules Seminars

The Golf NSW Golf Accreditation Course is designed for those men and women who wish to improve their knowledge of the Rules of Golf and perhaps sit for Club Level Accreditation. With draft Changes to the Rules of Golf beginning in 2019, information and seminars will be available shortly.

St John Ambulance Australia (NSW)

"Learning first aid gives individuals the knowledge, skills and courage to act - at a time in our lives when doing something becomes critically important."...St John Ambulance.

Member Protection Information Officer

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) have an important role to play at all levels of sport. MPIOs provide information about the rights, responsibilities and options available to an individual maknig a complain in sport. They can also inform and advise sport administrators and complaint handlers in Member Protection Policy for specific sports. MPIOs are impartial and do not mediate or investigate complaints. They may reside in a club, state association or a national sports organisation and can also be freelance.

16 August 2019
CASTLE HILL: Women: Stroke: A: J Sayer (14) 62. A Scr: C Shin (6) 71. B: P Greenhalgh (23) 62. B Scr: J Kahler (19) 82. C: K Song (28) 92. C Scr: D ... more
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