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Golf NSW Contact Details

Street Address
1a Duncan Street
Arncliffe, NSW. 2205

Postal Address
PO Box 195
Arncliffe, NSW. 2205

P: (02) 9505 9105
F: (02) 9505 9199

Email: info@golfnsw.org

For all Golf Event Enquiries:
Olivia Wilson - Events Manager
Email: Olivia.Wilson@golfnsw.org

For all Rules, Handicapping and Course Rating Enquiries:
Andrew Robb - Manager Game Development, Rules and Handicapping
Email: Andrew.Robb@golfnsw.org

For Participation Programs (Get into golf for Seniors, MyGolf, Swingfit)
Nicholas Baglin - Participation Officer
Email: Nicholas.Baglin@Golfnsw.org

For Member Protection Information (MPIO, WWCC)
Mitsie Kent - MPIO
Email: Mitsie.kent@golfnsw.org


Facebook: www.facebook.com/GolfNSW
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/GolfNSW
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/golf-nsw
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18 February 2019
ASQUITH: Medley: Stableford: 2B: G Burt (24) E Jurd (15) 48 cb. Mxd: G Hughes (15) D Geddes (25) 47. Men: Div 1: S Wozniak (9) 41. Div 2: D Cilento ... more
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