If your course hasn’t already been rated the preparation you can undertake prior is of considerable importance:

→ Discuss within your Club how many sets of tees require rating (5 sets of tees are rated free of charge, any additional sets will attract a fee of $250 per set of tees).

→ Ensure your course is measured correctly and if you have decided to implement a “new” set of tees have the distance measured, ensure that the permanent markers are embedded in the ground.

→ Have both the men's and women’s Captains involved in the decision process and have all representatives attend the initial meeting with the Zone Co-ordinator.

→ Remember when slope handicapping is introduced men can only play off tees rated for men and women play off tees rated for women.

→ For more information about handicapping, bunkers-out-of-play and explanation of USGA system go navigation on left "Handicapping News".