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PHOTOS – Northern Districts Pennant Competition Winners – 2017

Northern Districts Pennants Photo Galley 2017

NDPC 2017 Silver II Pennant Winners - Oatlands Ryde Parramatta, 2017  Bronze II Shield Winners
Oatlands - 2017 NDPC Silver II Pennant Winners 
The team comprised of Lina Kim, Amanda Walkerden, Annie Kang, Eva Park and Jenny Park (absent in photo). Pictured with team is Club representative Sue Plaister
Runner Up - Killara
Third - Concord
Ryde Parramatta - 2017 Bronze II Shield Winners
The team comprised of Moira Rowland, Jean Longergan, Jan Bush, Jo Furlong and Enid McGuigan.

Silver II Cup Winners Avondale  Northern District Pennant Competition Silver Salver Winners Oatlands
Avondale - 2017 NDPC Silver II Cup Winners
L-R: Hilary Swinbourne, Michelle Bloxham, Fidelma Tobin, Kathy Lawson-Brown, and Melissa Chapman.
Oatlands - 2017 NDPC Silver Salver Winners
L-R: Lina Kim, Janet Reutz, Jean Wong, Narelle Anderson, Rhonda Tresnan, Yun Lei and absent Justa Ki. 
Norther Districts Pennant Silver II Pennant Winners - Asquith Bronze III Salver winners - Castle Hill
Asquith - 2017 NDPC Silver II Pennant Winners
L-R: Jane Shin, Sun Kim, Aubrey Lee, Carmel Street, and Jenny Kim.
Runner Up - Castle Hill
Castle Hill - 2017 NDPC Bronze III Salver Winners
L-R: Michaela Kim, Marie Moylan, Betty Pankhurst (f/c), and Kristina Yang, Diana Crawfor.  
Runner Up - Oatlands
Bronze Plaque Winners - Mona Vale Bronze 11 Winners - Cromer
Mona Vale - 2017 NDPC Bronze Bronze Plaque Winners
L-R Front Row: Glenda Lloyd, Katherine Baldwin, Jessie Willott. Back: Peta Gilliland, Helen Stead, Julie Alcock, Lisa Spray, and Pam Lindsay. (Missing: Niki Hosking - Team Manager)
Cromer - 2017 NDPC Bronze II Winners
L-R: Lynn Dinnie, Louise Hewitt, Lyn Scott F/C, Sue Muller, and Linda Hayes.
Runner Up - Warringah
Roseville - Bronze I Pennant Winners Bronze II Winners Killara
Roseville - 2017 NDPC Bronze I Winners
L-R: R Ros Hayden, Rebecca Rich, Claire Cooper, Nerida Campbell(F/C), and Nola Tyler. 
Runner Up - Monash.
Killara - 2017 NDPC Bronze II Winners
L-R: Priscilla Ward, Jo Beverley (Field Captain), Karen Sefton, Yvonne Guttentag, Ronnie Shepherd.
Runner Up - Castle Hill
Carnarvon - Winners2017 NDPC Bronze I Salver Pymble Golf Club - Silver Shield Winners
Carnarvon - 2017 NDPC Bronze I Salver Winners
L-R: Elisha Kim, Katarina Song, Hae Ran Chung, Cecily Kim, Una Bell, Barbara Lynch, Sue Shin, AND Jenny Threlfo.
Pymble - 2017 NDPC Silver Shield Winners
L-R: Alison Glover, Kim Rowland, Lynda Bayliss (field captain), Sheila Boyd, Mandy Henry and Robyn Smith.
Runner Up - Roseville
Wakehurst - Bronze I Bowl Winners Bronze III Pennant Winners - Mona Vale
Wakehurst - 2017 NDPC Bronze I Bowl Winners
L-R: Loretta Woodhead, Cheryl Baker, Loraine Sladden, Maureen Franklin, and Lana Debnam.
Runner Up - Monash
Mona Vale - 2017 NDPC Bronze III Pennant Winners
L-R: Jan Monnock, Audrey Petersen, Chris Binfield, Anne Tucker, Roseann Reedy, Pauline Plunkett and Ina McPhee.
Runner Up - Cromer
Gordon - 2017 NDPC Bronze II Winners Wakehurst - NDPC Bronze IV Winners
Gordon - 2017 NDPC Bronze II Winners
L-R: Jan Bergin, Norah Grime, Pat Beatty, Margaret Bright, and Sue Sheehan.
Runner Up - Wakehurst
Wakehurst - 2017 NDPC Bronze IV Winners
L-R: Janeen MacFarlan, Nicola Bethwaite, Lyn Turton, Alison Crothers, Margaret Shonk, and Jenny Webb
Runner Up - Bayview
2017 NDPC Bronze IV Pennant Winners - Concord .
Concord - 2017 NDPC Bronze IV Pennant Winners
L-R: Mary Sorrenti, Rosalie Gaitanos, Marian McCluskey, Anne Dolan and Christine Manning.
Runners Up - North Ryde














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