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#AusAm: Winning Windred chills out

Blake Windred

Only one Australian Amateur Championship player was truly chilled out in the Woodlands clubhouse late this morning.

As the men’s field sat out an almost three-hour storm delay, Blake Windred was comfortably the most relaxed as the only player to have completed his Round of 32 clash a winner before the break.

Windred, No.2 seed and world No.25, had made swift work of his match against fellow Novacastrian Corey Lamb, tapping in for par on the short fifth to wrap up his match 5&4 as the siren sounded.

“I played some solid golf,” Windred said.

“I made five birdies and no bogeys – it was quite fun out there playing against young Corey. That was my goal … to finish as quick as possible and conserve that energy.”

The Charlestown ace did, however, admit it would have been nice to avoid his Newcastle mate in the early rounds.

“It was a shame we had to play against each other and knock each other out. He’s a very talented young fellow and I told him after we finished he’s improved a lot,” Windred said.

“He probably can’t see how far he’s come in the last 12 months, but he’s got a big future. He’s a very competitive guy and I told him he needs to keep that.”

But as he kicked back and pondered his afternoon Round of 16 clash, with opponent still unknown, Windred said his quick win would potentially provide a strategic advantage.

“Mentally it helps. I suppose the rest of the players are going to see a few more of the holes than me.

“But overall, being able to relax mentally and physically – it’s probably going to be the key when it comes to the stretch.

“Hopefully I’ll play some solid golf this afternoon and get it done.”

16 August 2019
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