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How to beat the Summer heat this week

How to beat the Summer heat
How to beat the Summer heat

It’s Summer time, and we all want to get in as much golf as we can before the holiday season is over. For many of us that means battling the course in some extreme weather conditions.

With the mercury expected to hit the mid-forties across much of the State this week, Golf NSW National Coach Dean Kinney has provided us with a few tips on how to cope with the savage heat.

“Nutrition and hydration are a couple of the primary keys in preparing for the extreme heat, before and during your round,

“You need to ensure your body has ample fuel, so a light healthy, and nutritious meal beforehand will help,

“Without fuel, you will lose concentration, make poor decisions, lose focus, fatigue will creep in, and you will lose power,

“It’s important to keep a healthy snack in your golf bag for during the round,” Kinney said.

It’s essential to keep your fluids up during the round as well, and not just water. Alcohol is a definite no-no.

“In the heat, you naturally lose a lot of fluid and electrolytes, so drinking an electrolyte replacement like adding Hydralite to your water is critical,

“Drinking water without the salt to bind to it can make your more dehydrated,” he added.

Kinney stresses the need to avoid the UV radiation as much as possible, and to keep your body as cool as you can.

“I advocate light, long-sleeved clothing and broad brim hats, and don’t forget to use a good-quality Sun-Screen,

“Neck-cooling ties work very well, and put your umbrella up to avoid the midday sun.”

Kinney believes that taking a couple of simple actions post-round will help you recover faster and get you back out on the golf course sooner.

“A post-round cold recovery, like an ice-bath, will get the lactic build up out of your muscles and help you back up again the next day,” he smiled.

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