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Seniors Program lifts off at Lakeside

Doreen and Patrick Condon
Doreen and Patrick Condon

Patrick and Doreen Condon hadn’t given Golf much thought before moving into the Mt Gilead Retirement Estate, but with a nine-hole course on the grounds and 4-year old Grandson who is a budding young player, they felt the time was right to learn a little bit more about the game.

“Our Grandson, Toby, has his very own clubs,” Doreen smiled. ”He only lasts about two holes, and he loves to putt,”

“We babysit him once or twice a week,” Patrick added. ”He hits a good ball!”

The Condon's, who have been married for over 41 years, were taking part of Lakeside Golf Club’s very first Golf for Seniors - Introduction to Golf Program, developed by Golf NSW in conjunction with the NSW Department of Sport. 15 Participants lined up on day one to learn about the game in the capable hands of Professional Jeff Mansfield.

Lakeside Seniors Clinic
Lakeside Seniors Clinic

“Neither of us has played much golf before, so we felt we should get a couple of lessons and make use of the course on the Estate,” Patrick said.

“It should make it more enjoyable if you know what you’re doing,” he added.

Doreen was hoping to learn a bit about the correct technique required to hit the ball, and a few tips on playing the game, while Patrick, who has played once or twice before, was hopeful that he would learn enough to develop some consistency.

“I like it,” Doreen said. “I thought if I knew how to hit the ball properly and knowing it will go where I want it to might help,”

Patrick agreed, “I played a long time ago with people who could play very, very well, and I had never played before. One of them always had to stay back and play with me as the rest played on. It put me off.” 

By the end of the six-week course, the pair hope that they will have learnt enough about the game to be able to enjoy the company of their neighbours on the course and be able to take part in the estate’s small golf competition.

The idea of joining a club was a suggestion that Doreen felt was something she would like to explore in the future. Originally from Scotland, she explained that playing Golf and club membership was very popular back at home.

“The local club where I came from is very popular,”

“I have several cousins that play golf. They live near Carnoustie. It’s very much the game there,” she added.

22 February 2019
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